Building our Team!

We are continuing to prepare to eventually move to Zambia to serve Christ among the Deaf. As part of that effort, we are praying that God will raise up a team men and women who are called to financially support this ministry.

As of now, we have 60% more to raise for our monthly support. If you have read over our ministry plans and you believe God is calling you to this task, then you may click the following link to become a part of our financial support team:

Or, if you have questions about our ministry and/or our support, please contact us at

In Christ, Roddey and Becky


Getting to Kabwe, Zambia

Since our visit with the Deaf in Kabwe, Zambia, back in April, 2011, Becky and I have been seeking to return to build up the Deaf believers there in Christ. Our desire is to be used by the Lord to help these Deaf Christians grow in Christ and to become ministering disciples among their own people.

Several of these Deaf men and women are already growing in their relationships with Christ through the help of several men and women at Grace Centre Church. These hearing leaders serve with various missionary organizations from around the world and have other ministries with which they are involved. Therefore, they are asking us to come and lead the work among these Deaf Christians.

Our goal is to move to Zambia in September, 2014. We are trusting the Lord to provide the remaining 48% of our monthly support by that time. If you are so moved by Christ to be a part of that support, then please contact us at

Thanks! –Roddey

Discipleship: Investing in Relationships

Little did I know in the early 1980’s during my first semester at the University of South Carolina, that I was about to become a part of a radical movement started by Jesus Christ. Before His departure, Jesus commanded His disciples to make disciples in all the nations. These few men imitated Christ and invested their lives into many other men and women, who in turn, were instructed and empowered to do the same with others (2 Timothy 2:2).

A couple of months into my freshman year, a hall mate introduced me to a man who said he was with “The Navigators.” My friend invited me to a Bible study that this man, Henry Clay, was going to start in his dorm room. Thinking that these “Navigators” might be a cult, I rarely attended the study.

But, Henry took an interest in me and invited me to lunch. Reluctantly, I agreed and to my surprise, I found out he was a Presbyterian! As we met each week, I discovered that he had a lot to say about how to grow in my relationship with Christ. That began a three to four year discipleship relationship with Henry. Through Henry’s investment into my life, I learned how to have a daily devotion time, about fervent prayer, a love for Bible study, how to share my life with others, a vision for the world, desire to be a man of integrity and to be a man who endures.

Regarding prayer

I remember one night, Henry invited me to pray with him for the campus on the top deck of an empty parking deck across from my dormitory. When we arrived, he proceeded to teach me by example how to pray vigorously for the salvation and spiritual growth of my friends and dorm mates. I was most impressed by how he took Scriptures he had committed to memory and used them to pray for God’s power to spread the Gospel of Christ all over the university.

Regarding being a man who endures

The Navigator students at USC met weekly to play volleyball at one of the university gyms.  One afternoon while walking on campus with Henry, he started to give me a number of tips on how to improve my volleyball game. But, his instruction was not really about the game. Instead, his coaching was more about being a man who is alert to what is going on around him and who gives his all in whatever he pursues. Who would have thought that someone could use volleyball as a tool to make a disciple!

While every Christian has been impacted by the Gospel in some way via relationships, not everyone can trace back in detail these relationships. Yet, each Christian can commit himself to becoming the “spring water” from which a new line of growing disciples may flow. In whom are you investing your life?

Henry continues to be an encouragement to me, occasionally checking in with our family to see how we are doing. He and his wife, Wendy, live in Colorado Springs, CO, where Henry is serving with the Navigators as the Director of Staff Care and Development for Navision’s. He is also working with the Leader Development Network Team, traveling around the world teaching on leadership. The LDNT has a website full of free resources for discipleship available in both English and Spanish at

May 31, 2013: Update on Becky’s Father

Wow!  Since his heart surgery in March, Mr. Pope is doing great! He is now back to walking about a mile per day, halfway to his goal of 2 miles per day! What a feat, especially in light of the fact that he will be 96 years old this coming September!

Thank you soooo  much for your prayers.

OUR NEWSLETTER: Our next newsletter is in the works, so keep an eye out!

March 20, 2013 — Update on Becky’s Dad

Thank you for your prayers for Becky’s father, Ellis Pope. He is doing quite well and hopes to move to a rehab center in the next couple of days. Last week, a couple of days after his triple bypass heart surgery, Mr. Pope took a stroll (with a walker) around the hospital floor. He did so without getting winded, as he would have just a few days before! He later commented that he did not know that he could do that!

Please continue praying for his recovery!

Matthew 9:35-38 — Becoming Harvest Laborers who Pray

The link above is a message delivered on February 24, 2013, at Deaf Calvary Church in Frederick, MD, by Roddey Caughman.

Compassion for the lost moved Jesus to call His Disciples to earnestly pray to the Lord of the Harvest to send out Harvest Laborers who Go into His Harvest. But, the call was not only to pray until they are sent, but also a call to continue praying for those laborers.

Jesus lays out instructions for Harvest Laborers who Go in Matthew 10, instructions which Harvest Laborers who Pray can use as a guideline for continued prayer. Roddey shares how Christ wants all believers to pray that  His missionaries will be Filled, Focused, Fearless, and Faithful.